Welcome to Extreme Make-up

We are an on-line store specialising in the supply of high quality, professional make-up and cosmetic camouflage. We supply to the general public and make-up professionals in addition to the healthcare, film, theatre and television industry.


We are an authorised Kryolan partner and offer a full range of their products from beauty to special effects. We are also one of the UK's largest suppliers of cosmetic camouflage, supplying all the major brands such as Covermark, Dermacolor, Keromask and Veil.


We have hunderds of products, in thousands of colours, all ready for immediate dispatch. Our on-line shop is open 24 hours a day and we dispatch items 6 days a week, including Saturdays. There is no minimum order value, our shipping costs start from as little as £2.99 and all orders over £75 are shipped for FREE.


In addition to simply supplying these products we provide colour match information and detailed tutorials where you can learn to apply the products correctly. Alternatively from our services page you can arrange a colour match with our recommended make-up consultants and book a home consultation or appointment should you require a professional make-up artist for a particular event. You can browse a selection of our most popular products below, but please remember to visit our product page to see our full range. 

Ultra Fluid Foundation (30ml) Ultra Fluid Foundation (30ml) £15.49 * Ultra Foundation Cream Ultra Foundation Cream From £11.99 * TV Paint Stick TV Paint Stick £13.99 * Cake Make-Up (35g) Cake Make-Up (35g) £11.99 * Kryolan Concealer Cube Kryolan Concealer Cube £22.90 * Foundation Cover Stick (4g) Foundation Cover Stick (4g) £8.49 * Ultra Make-up Base (30ml) Ultra Make-up Base (30ml) £15.49 * Translucent powder (60g) Translucent powder (60g) £14.70 * Bronzing Powder Bronzing Powder £11.99 * Anti-Shine Powder (30g) Anti-Shine Powder (30g) £15.50 * Ultra Under Base (60ml) Ultra Under Base (60ml) £17.80 * Kryolan Illusion Kryolan Illusion £14.49 * Ultra Setting Spray (50ml) Ultra Setting Spray (50ml) £10.90 * Non-Aerosol Fixing Spray (50ml) Non-Aerosol Fixing Spray (50ml) £9.80 * Invisible Matt Plus SPF (30ml) Invisible Matt Plus SPF (30ml) £15.80 * Perfect Matt Perfect Matt £24.99 * Make-up Blend Make-up Blend £24.99 * Eye Shadow Primer (15ml) Eye Shadow Primer (15ml) £16.49 * Glamour Sparks Glamour Sparks £11.49 * Satin Powder (3g) Satin Powder (3g) £7.49 * Eye Shadow - Matt Eye Shadow - Matt From £5.99 * Kajal "Kohl" Pencil Kajal "Kohl" Pencil £6.59 * Cake Eyeliner (8ml) Cake Eyeliner (8ml) £7.99 * Cake Eyeliner Sealer (15ml) Cake Eyeliner Sealer (15ml) £7.75 * Eyebrow Powder - Single Eyebrow Powder - Single £10.90 * Dry Blusher Dry Blusher £7.99 * Kryolan Classic Lipstick Kryolan Classic Lipstick £11.49 * High Gloss - Lip Shine High Gloss - Lip Shine £14.80 * Dermacolor Camouflage Cream (4g) Dermacolor Camouflage Cream (4g) £11.49 * Camouflage Cream (30g) Camouflage Cream (30g) £23.99 * Dermacolor Erase Stick Dermacolor Erase Stick £9.49 * Dermacolor Body Cover Dermacolor Body Cover £19.49 * Dermacolor Compact Dermacolor Compact £19.49 * Dermacolor Mini Palette Dermacolor Mini Palette £19.99 * Dermacolor Sample Palette Dermacolor Sample Palette £71.90 * Trio Set Trio Set £21.99 * Camouflage Quintet Camouflage Quintet From £12.99 * Dermacolor Fixing Powder (60g) Dermacolor Fixing Powder (60g) £21.49 * Dermacolor Fixing Spray (No International shipping) Dermacolor Fixing Spray (No International shipping) £15.50 * Cleansing Lotion Cleansing Lotion £15.99 * Cleansing Milk Cleansing Milk £17.99 * Cleansing Cream Cleansing Cream £9.49 * Dermacolor Tester Kit Dermacolor Tester Kit £11.49 * Cleansing Gel Cleansing Gel £11.99 * Dermacolor Skin Plastic Dermacolor Skin Plastic £12.99 * Covermark Foundation Cream (15ml) Covermark Foundation Cream (15ml) £22.30 * Covermark Leg Magic (50ml) Covermark Leg Magic (50ml) £26.65 * Covermark Finishing Powder (25g) Covermark Finishing Powder (25g) £22.60 * Covermark Foundation Sample Kit Covermark Foundation Sample Kit £9.99 * Covermark Leg Magic Sample Kit Covermark Leg Magic Sample Kit £9.99 * Keromask Camouflage Cream (15ml) Keromask Camouflage Cream (15ml) £12.99 * Keromask Sample Kit Keromask Sample Kit £5.99 * Keromask Finishing Powder (20g) Keromask Finishing Powder (20g) £11.99 * Keromask Cleansing Wipes Keromask Cleansing Wipes £2.99 * Veil Sample Kit Veil Sample Kit £7.95 * Veil Cover Cream (10g) Veil Cover Cream (10g) £19.95 * Veil Finishing Powder (23g) Veil Finishing Powder (23g) From £22.49 * Veil Camouflage Kit Veil Camouflage Kit £34.95 * Veil Toning Lotion & Freshener Veil Toning Lotion & Freshener From £4.00 * Veil Cleansing Cream Veil Cleansing Cream From £3.50 * Veil Powder Brush Veil Powder Brush £6.95 * Veil Hand & Body Cream Veil Hand & Body Cream £7.00 * Rich Nourishing Cream Rich Nourishing Cream £6.00 * Veil Witch Hazel Cream Veil Witch Hazel Cream From £4.50 * Veil Demonstration Kit Veil Demonstration Kit £40.64 * Veil Cleansing Kit Veil Cleansing Kit £7.00 / set(s) * Lip Rouge Set - 5 Colour Lip Rouge Set - 5 Colour £16.70 * Bio-Oil Specialist Skin Treatment Bio-Oil Specialist Skin Treatment From £8.95 * Riemann P20 Sun Protection Riemann P20 Sun Protection

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