HD cream, liquid and spray foundations.

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HD Micro Foundation Cache

Perfect make-up as well as excellent covering power.

£25.99 *

HD Micro Foundation Cream

A smooth cream foundation with exceptional qualities.

£25.99 *

HD Micro Foundation Sheer Tan

A smooth mousse-like foundation with exceptional qualities.

£29.40 *

Micro Foundation Cache 5 Colour Palette

HD Foundation Cache in a choice of palettes.

£39.50 *

Micro Foundation Cream 8 Colour Palette

Smooth HD Cream Foundation in a choice of palettes.

£77.60 *

HD Micro Foundation Cream - 15 Colour Palette

Product no.: KR19115

HD Micro Foundation Cream in an elegant mirror palette with 15 colors. 

£104.90 *
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HD Micro Foundation Mini Palette

A palette of 18 HD Micro Foundations.

£24.40 *

Micro Foundation Smoothing Fluid

A soft, micronized foundation with anti-aging and protective qualities.

£37.70 *

Micro Foundation Matifying Liquid

A micronized and gently matifying foundation with vitamin E.

£31.10 *

HD Micro Foundation On Air Spray

Perfect for arms, legs and decollete.

£23.99 *

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