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TV Paint Stick (Colour: Choose Colour)

Successfully proven cream make-up in stick form.

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Cake Make-Up (35g) (Colour: Choose Colour)

Moist-applied, intensive-color make-up.

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Translucent powder (60g) (Powder Colour: Choose Colour)

Vital to set grease, creme or oil foundations.

£16.30 *

Dermacolor Camouflage Cream (30g) (Colour: Choose Colour)

The ultimate cosmetic concealer cream (Large).

£23.99 *

Dermacolor Body Camouflage (50ml) (Colour: Choose Colour)

Specifically designed for the legs, body and arms.

£19.49 *

Dermacolor Fixing Powder (60g) (Powder Colour: Choose Colour)

A translucent setting powder in 9 different shades.

£21.49 *

Covermark Foundation Cream (15ml) (Colour: Choose Colour)

Waterproof concealing foundation with SPF30.

£22.30 *

Covermark Leg Magic (50ml) (Colour: Choose Colour)

Waterproof make-up for leg & body with SPF16.

£26.65 *

Covermark Finishing Powder (25g)

Silky, loose translucent setting powder

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Keromask Camouflage Cream (15ml) (Colour: Choose Colour)

A leading camouflage cosmetics range, designed for all skin types.

£12.99 *

Keromask Sample Kit (Colour: Choose Colour)

A great way to determine what colour suits your skin tone.

£5.99 *

Keromask Finishing Powder (20g) (Colour: Choose Colour)

Used to set your Keromask camouflage cream.

£11.99 *

Zanderm Precision Applicator (Colour: Choose Colour)

Mess-free precise application for small area and touch-ups.

£21.99 *

Zanderm Wide Applicator (Colour: Choose Colour)

For instantly camouflaging larger vitiligo areas.

£34.99 *

Zanderm Dual Applicator Set (Colour: Choose Colour)

Money saving applicator set for varied requirements.

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