Skin Camouflage Network

Skin Camouflage Network


The Skin Camouflage Network is a National Association of Practitioners in Skin Camouflage.

Their website aims to provide useful information to:

  • Existing practitioners of skin camouflage
  • Anyone interested in becoming a skin camouflage practitioner
  • Anyone seeking information about clinics in their vicinity. (Some members of the SCN work for the NHS whilst others offer private treatments)


In 1994, a number of therapists, working within the NHS, shared the view that to raise standards of patient care and increase awareness of the facilities for skin camouflage amongst members of the medical profession, they should form an association.

This became the SCN, and today we have members throughout the country. The association has succeeded in establishing a directory of professionally qualified members from medical, beauty therapy, Red Cross and academic backgrounds whose services - available both through the National Health Service and privately - are becoming more familiar, and therefore capable of referral, to an ever-increasing number of GPs and skin or plastic surgery specialists.

SCN membership is open to all practitioners and offers study days, news journals, and support and guidance from colleagues.

By actively raising the profile of skin camouflage and awareness of it within the medical profession, SCN is succeeding in making it more easily available to patients.