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If you have a long term requirement for cosmetic camouflage then we would always recommend a Professional Consultation with a qualified cosmetic camouflage practitioner. We appreciate however that, for a number of reasons, this may not always be financially or physically possible in which case you have the option to try and conduct your own colour match using our range of product samples, testers and specially prepared home cover kits.

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Dermacolor Home Cover Kit

Contains the main products you will need to perform a home colour match and to repeatedly cover tattoos, minor scars, birthmarks and various skin condition such as Vitiligo and Rosacea.

£22.99 / set(s) *
Normal cost £35.43
You save 35 %

Dermacolor Scar Cover Kit

Contains the main products you will need for repeatedly filling and covering indented skin and scars.

£33.99 / set(s) *
Normal cost £52.41
You save 35 %

Veil Cover Cream Sample/Refill (3g)

 Perfect as a single sample or a refill.

£1.99 *

Veil Sample Kit

Mini Veil samples to help you find you correct shade.

£7.95 *

Covermark Leg Magic Sample Kit

Sample sizes of Covermark Leg Magic.

£11.99 *
Normal cost £13.99
You save 14 %

Zanderm Colour Tester (V.2)

The perfect solution for selecting the most appropriate Zanderm shade. (One per customer)

£4.99 *

Zanderm Colour Tester - Triple Set

A choice of three colour testers to facilitate a colour match. (One per customer)

£9.99 *
Normal cost £14.97
You save 33 %
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