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Andrew Fenn
31/08/2021 13:46
This company is brilliant, dispatch is always really quick, a great range of products and the customer service is second-to-none. I always forget at least one thing when I place an order. No matter, I place another one and the team refunds the second postage charge every time - without me even needing to ask! A++++++
Ffion Prothero
28/08/2021 19:34
Many thanks for your email and for letting me know about the stock problem. Thank you for the additional products to help me in choosing the correct shade. I look forward to receiving them.

Best wishes
Debbie Yearsley Davidson
28/01/2021 18:41
Wow. What an amazing experience with Extreme Makeup. I need to cover a tattoo for some film work and Martin was brilliant at advising me, pointing me towards the right product and amending my order to ensure I had exactly what I needed. I won't hesitate to use Extreme Makeup again for all my cosmetic needs - not just my cover up needs. A lovely range of product, fantastic prices, top-notch advice and expertise and a company that truly cares about the customer. I'm thrilled to have found you!
Alfonso Renford
23/05/2019 00:04
Dear martin
I didn't get the time to thank you very much for your intervention help In sorting out my foundation colour match.
'And a refund too.I will be taking your advice on the colour match you introduce to me. However I will be also taking advantage
Of extreme other colours products extreme as got to offer, on my expenses, In order to alocate other colour match as a back up.
It's is a pleasure having extreme as service to all our needed customers.

Heather Easton
06/04/2019 12:01
I took up the offer from Extreme Makeup to try 3 samples of Zanderm make up for Vitiligo. I ordered my free samples and they arrived the next day! I only have Vitiligo on my face so this was where I had to try it out. I tried the colours I had ordered and found the closest to my natural colour. I filled in a small patch and found it a little too dark, so quickly lightened it by removing a bit with a cotton bud and my Vitiligo patch was gone! After leaving a day to make sure my skin didn't react to it, I set about filling in the rest of my face patches. I had to keep lightening it by removing a bit but this worked so well and for the 1st time in 4 years I walked out the house with a face that looked totally 'normal'. I ordered 2 lighter samples and have found a shade that matches really well. It doesn't look like I am wearing any makeup and looks totally natural. I will be ordering a full sized product. So pleased
Sara McCombie
20/03/2019 11:46
My free testers arrived the other day and as much as I was excited to give them a try I must admit I wasn't expecting much. Over the years I have tried most things to cover my Vitiligo with little or no success, I currently use a mixture of fake tans and camouflage creams to cover some large areas on my knees and legs. If I want to wear a skirt or shorts I need at least 3 days to prepare and get my legs the same colour...!!!!
I was thrilled with the extreme makeup, It goes on and dries instantly and is the best colour match I have had by far, It goes on easily and blends easily against your non vit skin. It took minutes to apply and completely covered my white areas.
I will definitely be able to wear what I like this summer without days of preparation.
I thoroughly recommend this product
Lucy Stanyer
06/03/2019 21:01
I honestly don’t think I know the words to say how much this product has changed my life. I’ve had vitiligo for years but only in places easily hidden by clothing, up until last year I was a keen Thai boxer and swimmer, then I developed a large patch of Vit on my shin. I instantly lost my confidence and longer wanted to wear shorts or a swimming costume. I stopped doing the things I loved, and started to hide away, slowly becoming more and more miserable.
Then a few days ago I saw this product saying I could have three free testers, no strings! Today the product arrived, and instantly transformed my skin and my life. No longer is this patch visible, gone are the days of hiding away, now I can not wait for summer, I will show my legs at every opportunity, I’ll also be back in the pool and back in the ring getting ready to kick to butt.
The product goes on smoothly, and is easy to blend the edges, but it doesn’t rub off on clothing! Best product ever, I can not thank the people at Zanderm enough
Sue Kenyon
04/03/2019 18:08
I am so happy, I registered 3 days ago and received my free samples today.
I quickly tried the samples on my wrist and after a day of in and out of water
they are still providing coverage. I will try them on my face for a couple of days
to make sure I’m not allergic to anything , which I’m sure I won’t be .Then placing my
order. It is so lovely to have a company that want to help .. happy days .
09/11/2017 08:35
Dear Martin,

You very kindly donated some foundation powders, colour palettes, brushes and mirrors and I am please to say they have recently been put to good use in our old age makeup workshops - I have attached a photograph of the class following their first attempt for your amusement (there are a couple of dodgy skin tone matches but that just makes it all the more amusing). Despite the faces of the students in the photograph (I think they were trying to 'look' old) they all really enjoyed the workshops and asked me to send their thanks to you for making the workshop possible.

Thank you again for your kind donation.
Kind regards
Nella Parish

Teacher of BTEC Performing Arts: Production Skills for the Theatre
Donna Smillie
24/02/2016 13:35
Excellent service. Helped with colour match and ordered full size .it arrived very fast within one day. Very impressed. Thank you

Donna ...
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