Colour Matching

The key to any form of cosmetic camouflage is finding the correct colour, this is regardless of whether it is required to cover a tattoo or skin condition and regardless of where it is on your body. Badly matched cosmetic camouflage can have an adverse affect of making the area more noticable.


By far the vest way to find your most appropriate colour is to have a Professional Home Consultation. If this is not possible then this service is available by a trained volunteer from Changing Faces.  Depending where you live however this service may require a referal from your GP.


The next option is to perform a home colour match. To assist with this we have created a Dermacolor Home Cover Kit which contains all the products you will need to perform a colour match in the comfort and privacy of your own home. These kits come in three different skin tone shades (Fair, Medium or Dark). Each of the minipalettes in the kit contain 15 different skin tone colours and a correcting colour. The kit also contains the necessary fixing powder and products for applying the creams and powders. After purchasing a home cover kit you should be able to identify your nearest skin tone colour which you can then purchase in a great quantity, such as single Camouflage Cream, or in different products such as Body CoverCompactsErase Sticks etc.


A further benefit of purchasing the Home Cover Kit is that the minipalette does not go to waste. Skin is rarely the same colour all over, it will vary in colour from place to place or even vary in colour in the same place. Furthermore depending on the level of exposure to the sun, your skin may get darker or lighter throughout the year. This is when you use the remaining colours in the minipalette to adjust the colour of your camouflage when needed. (This does not apply to Body Cover as this cannot be mixed with camouflage creams).


If you are new to the Dermocolor product range, do not know your colour or need to take the first steps towards effective camouflage techniques we strongly recommend the purchase of a Dermacolor Home Cover Kit. We also supply a Dermacolor Tattoo Cover Kit for larger or more complex tattoos and a Dermacolor Scar Cover Kit  for use with indented skin or scars.