General Instructions


Apply the Dermacolor Cleansing Gel with cotton pads. This is a must to ensure water-resistance. For dry skin moisturize with Dermacolor Moisturizing Cream and allow 15 minutes for this to be absorbed.


Colour Choice

Choose a shade or shades, as indicated in your Colour Match, or from one or more of the colours in our palettes or tester kits. Due to the influences of the sun and light your colour requirements may change so we recommend you have a minimum of 2 or 3 different shades available. Remember that all colours are intermixable, so dont be afraid to mix the colours for a better match. Dont get into the habit of using the same shade all the time, occassionally check which is most appropriate for you.



Apply the Dermacolour Camouflage Cream thinly and very evenly with a sponge or fingers until 2cm past the edge of the area or condition. Fade away the edge with a dry sponge or brush.

Shading & Matching

To achieve a natural camouflage effect, proper highlighting and shading of the skin is necessary. Remember that skin is rarely a perfect or consistent colour, so for greater authenticity consider matching the camouflage to the surrounding skin. For the face we recommend the application of a rouge colour (D32), Eyebrows and the male beard or moustache areas can be shaded with a dark colour (D40) or other comparable dark colours. Items such as freckles can even be replicated with the use of a fine brush.


Powdering, Fixing and Waterproofing


Once satisfied that the Dermacolour Camouflage Cream has been correctly applied, apply Dermacolor Fixing Powder with your powder puff, so that all the area is covered. Allow the powder to set for approximately 5 -10 minutes, or longer depending on the severity and extent of the area covered. After this period, the camouflage cream is fixed. Gently brush off any excess fixing powder with your Powder Brush, taking care not to dislodge or damage the prepared area. Mist the area with mineral water or aloa facial mist to soften the effects of the powder. After this fixing process the treated are will be rub resistant and waterproof. If using the camouflage cream in an area prone to rubbing such as the neck or hands, then we recommend using the Dermacolor Fixing Spray.


Additional Makeup or Touching Up

Additional dry make-up can be applied on top of the camoufage cream if required. Touching up should not be necessary in normal circumstances and the product should last for a whole day. In special circumstances however a touch up or reapplication, including further use of fixing powder might be required.



Use Dermacolor Cleansing Cream, or in the case f very sensitive skin, Dermacolor Cleansing Milk. Apply gently onto the made up skin areas,until the camouflage is gently lifted from the skin. Remove with a warm, damp cloth or damp cotton pads. A second application of cream or milk may be required.


Final Cleansing

For the final cleanse apply Dermacolor Cleansing Gel. For a milder application, you may wish to dilute the lotion with distilled water. If required, now is the time to moisturize the skin with Dermacolor Moisturizing Cream.