Camouflage Palettes

Camouflage Palettes
In this category you will find a selection of mini and full size camouflage cream palettes as well as a range of other multiple colour camouflage cream products that provide great value for money.

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Dermacolor Mini Palette

A miniature palette of 16 colours in 11 varieties.

£19.99 *

Dermacolor Trio Set

A set of three Dermacolor Camouflage Creams in a handy mirrored compact.

£21.99 *

Dermacolor Camouflage Quintet

A convenient 5 colour palette , in 6 varieties.

£23.49 *

Dermacolor Small Palette (6)

A refillable palette of 6 shades, in 5 varieties.

£24.99 *

Dermacolor Medium Palette (12)

A refillable palette of 12 shades, in 4 varieties.

£44.90 *

Dermacolor Large Palette (24)

A large refillable palette with 24 different Dermacolor shades.

£69.99 *

Dermacolor Refill / Sample (3ml)

A single palette refill, available in a range of colours, also ideal as a sample.

£4.80 *

Dermacolor Sample Palette

A palette of testers, of the 66 most populor colours.

£71.90 *
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Dermacolor Concealer Circle

Six different shades for covering discolorations of the skin.

£28.49 *

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