Eye Liners

Eye Liners

Cake, Liquid and Cream eye liners.

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Kajal "Kohl" Pencil

A thick, very soft, "Kohl" pencil in 3 colours.

£6.30 *

Contour Pencil (17cm)

A professional length liner for both eyes and lips.

£6.30 *


A soft pencil, for lining and blending.

£11.99 *

Duo Pencil Sharpener (Metal)

A Light-weight sharpener for 8mm & 12mm pencils.

£3.80 *
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Liquid Eye Liner (5ml)

A liquid eye liner in a dispenser with brush.

£13.90 *

Kryolan Proliner

A smudge proof, precise liquid liner.

£19.80 *

Cake Eyeliner (8ml)

A moist-applied compact eye liner & dispenser.

£8.90 *

Cake Eyeliner Sealer (15ml)

For additional setting and colour intensity.

£9.90 *
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2-Colour Contour Pencil (17.5cm)

Soft textured pencil for eye and lip contouring.

£7.20 *
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