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Ultra Foundation Tester Kit

A handy way to try out the Ultra range.

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Ultra Fluid Foundation (30ml)

An exceptional fluid foundation, with applicator. Available in over 40 colours .

£17.20 *

Ultra Foundation Cream

An outstanding cream for demanding applications.

£23.30 *

TV Paint Stick

Successfully proven cream make-up in stick form.

£15.50 *
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Kryolan Ultra Foundation Trio

A trio of Ultra Foundation cream for highlighting and contouring.

£33.20 *

Ultra Foundation Colour Circle

Ultra Foundation Color Circle in a handy round packaging with 6 complexion colors.

£35.40 *

Ultra Foundation Pro Palette - 8 Colour

Ready made Ultra Foundation Palettes.

£56.50 *

Ultra Foundation Pro Palette - 15 Colour

Ultra Foundation in an elegant mirror palette with 15 colours.

£88.80 *

Ultra Foundation Metal Refill

Ultra Foundation metal refills (For Pro Palettes)

£6.30 *

Tinted Moisturizer (50ml)

A fine cream foundation with SP Factor 15.

£27.60 *

Shimmering Event Foundation (50ml)

An iridescent foundation in a pump dispenser.

£28.70 *

Kryolan Dual Finish (10g)

Applied wet or dry for a matt finish.

£27.60 *

Ultra Cream Powder (10g)

A fine silky soft cream powder.

£24.40 *

Cake Make-Up (35g)

Moist-applied, intensive-color make-up.

£13.30 *

Vitacolor (40ml)

A cream-like foundation with high covering power.

£11.60 *
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