A range of artificial bloods suitable for all types of special effects.

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Special Film Blood IEW

A realistic multi-purpose blood for Video & Film.

£7.99 *

Transparent Blood

 A non-drying, non-staining blood.

F/X Blood

Thick, strongly pigmented universal blood.

£6.30 *

Hydro Fix Blood

A washable artificial blood paste in a tube.

£13.80 *

Eye Blood

Artificial blood approved for use in the eye.

£18.90 *

Instant Blood Powder

 To simulate the sudden appearance of bloody effects.

£7.49 *
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Fresh Scratch

For the simulation of scratches and scabs.

£9.90 *

Wound Filler

A slow-drying compound to fill fake wounds.

£11.10 *

Liquid Blood Capsules LB

Non-toxic blodd filled capsules.

£7.49 *

Blood Sachets

Thin, transparent blood sachets, ready to burst 

£4.99 *

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