A selection of wax used for moulding or changing facial contours.

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Soft Putty

An easily modelled soft wax for alterating the facial form.

£8.30 *

Eyebrow Plastic

Eyebrow Plastic is a wax preparation to ?block out? the eyebrows to allow creation of different eyebrow shapes or effects.

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A tinted soft wax for alterations to the nose, chin or facial contours.

£6.49 *

Nose Putty

A wax stick for moulding nose alterations.

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F/X Wax

A specially formulated soft special effects wax.

£8.70 *

Synthetic Sealer

A quick drying liquid for sealing wax surfaces.

£6.50 *


A composition of natural and synthetic waxes for small 3D effects.

£7.80 *

Stipple Wax

To create an un-shaven, five o`clock-shadow look or for adhering loose glitter.

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