The Zanderm colour tester enables you to test the product and help find which shade(s) work best for you.The precision applicator is best to be used to fill in small spots, around 2-4 cm in diameter. It should also be used to fill in the space close to your skin when using the wide applicator. Keep in mind that if you go over pigmented skin with Zanderm you will darken the skin. Using the precision applicator helps you avoid this. The wide applicator is designed to fill larger areas, above 4cm. 

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Zanderm Colour Tester

The perfect solution for selecting the most appropriate Zanderm shade.

£2.99 *

Zanderm Precision Applicator

Mess-free precise application for small area and touch-ups.

£21.99 *

Zanderm Wide Applicator

For instantly camouflaging larger vitiligo areas.

£34.99 *

Price incl. VAT