Dermacolor Skin Plastic


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Gives a smooth surface to uneven and scarred skin when used in conjunction with other Demacolor Camouflage System products. Available in Light, Medium and Dark. PLEASE NOTE: This product is designed for use for trained Cosmetic Camouflage professionals. Results can vary depending on the type, depth and location of the scarring. Areas where significant skin movement is experienced, such as the face, may prove particularly challenging and as such positive results cannot be guaranteed.

Instructions for application.

1. Ensure skin is clean and oil free (do not use a moisturiser).

2. Warm some wax up in the palm of your hand with a palette knife or sculpting tool so that it becomes malleable.

3. Press into area to be filled and smooth off with palette knife or sculpting tool.

4. Once cool and set Skin Plastic can be covered with Dermacolour Camouflage or Body Cover in the normal way.

5. For large areas or for extra peace of mind use Kryolan Spirit Gum to hold the Skin Plastic in place.


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